food a love storyIn Food: A Love Story, Jim Gaffigan waxes poetic about one of his favorite topics – food.

Gaffigan is one of my favorite comics. He has clean, family oriented humor (so I can watch his specials while my kid is awake rather than waiting for her to go to sleep) and he generally avoids political topics (so I can watch his specials without my husband getting mad and walking away).

I love his humor. However, this book was almost too much for me, even being the huge fan that I am.

At least, in his stand up, he switches topics. Gaffigan is funny in this, don’t get me wrong. But a book’s worth of jokes on just one thing… it’s a tall order. And not just of fries. 🙂

On why he doesn’t like oysters: “Once I had a friend defensively point out to me, “Pearls come from oysters.” I never really understood his reasoning, but I explained I make a rule not to eat things that also make jewelry. Diamonds come from coal, but we aren’t dipping that into cocktail sauce.” pg 60 (ebook)

On BBQ: “I’ve found barbecue to either be some of the best or the worst food I’ve eaten. There is no in between. Either it’s an amazing meal I can’t stop talking about, or I’m angry that I wasted the energy to lift the food to my mouth. Of course, I still finish the whole plate. As I mentioned before, I am not rude.” pg 72 (ebook)

On organic chips: “These potato chips are cooked with avocado oil, so I can eat ten bags. It’s good for me.” Usually the only discernible difference between a regular potato chip and a “healthy chip” is the difficulty in opening the bag. Supposedly there are good fats and bad fats. I like to think of myself as a good fat. It helps my self-esteem when I look in the mirror.” pgs 119-120 (ebook)

Kale: “People seem to bring up eating kale as if it’s something that’s going to impress me. Guy: I just ate kale. Me: I don’t care.” pg 154

Comparing different kinds of cakes: “Ice cream cakes: I never really understood the appeal of an ice cream cake. They are so temporary. They just end up stressing me out.” pg 401 (ebook)

And, finally, breakfast: You would feel guilty about eating most traditional breakfast items at any other meal during the day, but since it’s the morning, somehow these foods are considered okay.” pg 416 (ebook)

That’s a good sampling of Gaffigan’s food jokes. It goes on for pages, joke after joke.

The sheer amount of material Gaffigan had to construct about food is kind of impressive actually. Be aware though, it is a one note book.

Thanks for reading!


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