An incredibly ambitious book, Soul Breathing: Spiritual Light and the Art of Self-Mastery covers most major spiritual topics- from chakras to meditations and the evolution of the soul to aliens. With this very diverse amount of material, readers are certain to find at least one chapter or section that resonates with them. Unfortunately, he or she will probably also discover something that doesn’t, which is just fine, because as Carrie points out in this book, everyone experiences the “Universal Mind” in a different way.

What is enlightenment? In the author’s own words: “Enlightenment is a way of freeing oneself from ignorance in order to act, operate, and contribute as a Light in the world. It is through the balanced integration of body, mind, and spirit that a deeper and more profound Intelligence is expressed. Those with inflexible minds will be hindered in seeking this deeper journey because evolvement is rooted in dedication and flexibility. Cultivating the unifying connection to the higher realms of consciousness is the most important and valuable endeavor one can possibly pursue in life.”

The vocabulary in Soul Breathing is definitely New Age, but the reader doesn’t have to have any background in that to understand what Carrie is talking about. She starts out with a bit of her personal history and then jumps into general teachings about the soul and transcendence, which I found to be very reminiscent of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. After that, Soul Breathing goes in a bunch of different directions, which I didn’t enjoy nearly as much as the opening few chapters.

What is Soul Breathing anyway? “…self-mastery is Soul Breathing. Soul Breathing is entraining the mind to remember that every drawn breath of life’s sacred feast is supported by the legacy of Light of the Force that propels life, and then exhaling forth this divine expression of Light as a sacred gift to both the Self and the world, forsaking the many prophesies of doom and gloom. Soul Breathing arises from the ability to discern whether created frequencies emanate from the false ego or from the true ego. Soul Breathing is the ability to create a balanced life on Earth through a conscious connection to Spirit. It is a state of grace achieved through action and experience.”

Carrie L’Esperance is at her strongest when she’s relating personal stories or giving concrete instructions- like specific affirmations or methods of meditating to support positive spiritual change. I felt that Soul Breathingstumbled in the parts where Carrie talks about what is wrong with the world or how things have gone so badly. (The rampant energy pollution and government-alien conspiracy sections come to mind.)

All personal stories of spiritual or the otherworldly have value as Carrie reminds us: “There have always been the unbelievers and the hyperrational scientific intellectuals who attempt to devalue what for some people are the most powerful, transformative, and sacred experiences of their lives. In truth, there is really no one who can denigrate the authentic spiritual experiences of the individual.” I would add, except his or herself.

I thought that this book with its myriad of suggestions and prohibitions would be impossible for anyone to ever implement in their lives in a manageable way. Carrie says: “We don’t have to dissect every aspect of how and why we exist in order to appreciate the miracle of life. We can experience all that is needed in the natural stages and steps that we take along the way. Ultimately we are to choose what capacities we will develop within the laws of existence.”Despite that passage, Carrie seems to be a very demanding teacher.

It is clear that Carrie is passionate about spiritual, physical, earthly, and even galactic health and well-being. Don’t read this book if you are unwilling to have an open mind about all manner of spiritual topics. Do read this book if you’re looking for more information about sensing, managing, and healing with subtle energy in the body, mind, and soul. Her beliefs about aliens and a grand government conspiracy to control and manipulate the population were a bridge too far for me, but I’m certain that there are some readers out there who will resonate with her teachings. Perhaps fans of Whitley Strieber or John Keel will enjoy Soul Breathing.

A big thank you to Netgalley and Bear & Company for a free digital Advance Reader copy of this book for review purposes!  And, thank you for reading.


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