pusheenAs I’ve mentioned in a few other reviews, my nine year old hates to read. It breaks my heart. I’m constantly searching for titles to pique her interest and I struck gold with this little book, I am Pusheen the Cat.

Usually, when I bring a book home from work for her, she takes one look at the title and then puts it on her desk…where it sits, until I have to take it back to the library again. This one was a completely different experience. I handed it to her. She sat down. She opened the book and read it cover to cover right then. I was blown away. Seriously, you could have picked my jaw up off of the floor.

There’s no story to this book. It’s just a series of cutsie pictures of Pusheen and her sister, Stormy. There are, however, some tricky vocabulary words thrown in like “inconvenience” or “procrastinator”. I was in mommy/librarian heaven, helping her sound out the words and explaining what they meant. I can’t say enough how much it meant to me to find something she liked, no, loved.

For me, I am Pusheen the Cat is a three star book at most. It’s cute, sure, but that’s about it. For my child, however, this is the holy grail of graphic novels. If you have a reluctant reader, I can’t recommend it highly enough. In fact, I may pay this book the ultimate compliment (in my mind) and purchase a copy of it for my home. Coming from a public librarian, that’s high praise indeed.  Thanks for reading!


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