thewalkingdeadv23I forgot that I was reading this series and only remembered when there was that huge kerfluffle a couple weeks ago by the people who only watch the television show… something to do with a barbed wire covered bat. Those of us who read the comic had already mourned and moved on. Frankly, I think I put the books aside because I was getting a little tired of this series. But, to be fair, after 22 books… it’s natural for enthusiasms to slow down. Whispers into Screams was a great re-introduction for me into the perpetually dark world of The Walking Dead.

The characters have settled down into one place. Rick drives a cart to collect/deliver supplies and has this awesome hook for a hand. Maggie is running one of the settlements and Carl is hanging out with her and Lydia. What could possibly go wrong now? What indeed. As for the other side characters, there’s minor stuff going on but this comic predominantly deals with the Maggie/Carl side of the equation, which is good, because I had a hard time recalling who was involved or crushing on who.

First of all, that Carl Grimes. We’ve watched him grow, shoot people, take horrific injuries, and now- (view spoiler) As a parent, I’m proud of him. He could have become a monster, but he just turned out to have a bad case of PTSD and, from what he’s been through, who could blame the guy. “Everyone still alive these days knows how dangerous it is out there… and what you have to do to survive. Your people…in your group… however large it is, you’ve been surviving for a while.” pg 72ish. Tell us about it, Carl. There has been some major misbehavior going on. It makes one lament the fact that a mild mannered librarian, like me, would never make it through a zombie apocalypse.

“Childhood was always a myth brought about by the illusion of safety… it was a luxury we could never really afford.” pg 57ish. The Walking Dead has always been bleak, this episode goes just a little bit darker. I wish that something good would happen to these people. We cheer for them, follow them through hell and high water, but it never seems to get any better. Unfortunately, for me, this book ended on such a cliffhanger that I’m going to have to pick up the next one, but I may need a stiff drink to get me through it. Let’s play some more favorite character Russian roulette, shall we? Sigh.

Recommended for graphic novel fans who are in for the long haul or really, really enjoy apocalyptic horror. I may have to warn everyone else to steer clear. The Walking Dead is one of a kind, but sometimes, it is an awfully hard road to walk for the perpetually optimistic reader.

Thanks for reading!


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