knightsofgoodA continuation of the first Guild comic. Please watch the show before you enjoy these comics! If you don’t know what The Guild is about, let me give you a quick recap: Cyd likes to play videogames, specifically MMORPG’s. She spends much of her time avoiding reality and playing a character named Codex. Codex is a member of an online guild, which is a group of other real life people who are also playing the computer game. Together, they forge friendships and explore real life issues, online and off. It’s a heart felt series and perfect for any fans of MMORPG’s or loved ones of computer players who want to understand their partners more.

On to the context of the comic itself: the first chapter/issue with Vork’s backstory and the story behind Bladezz’s infamous sausage photo were engaging but the rest was so-so. I felt like all of the other characters were basically re-hashing what happens on the show rather than giving the reader any huge surprises. On the plus side, there are some more panels showing the characters in-game, which is more than we were ever given on screen.

If you’re going to read any of the Guild comic books, I recommend reading The Guild (the first one) and skipping this. Unless you’re a major fan of the show and you have to read every little piece of literature that is out there on it, by all means, borrow this from the nearest library.

Thanks for reading!


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