stormfrontUrban fantasy about a modern day wizard who acts as a consultant for the Chicago police. Candy in book form but I enjoyed it. The narrator for the audio book managed to sound world weary and dour the entire time, which was actually rather impressive.

My favorite part is when Bob, the spirit of intellect that Harry keeps around as a sort of wizard computer/database, advised using tequila as the base for a love potion. Harry argues for the more traditional champagne but Bob shuts him down, saying something to the effect that tequila is more Harry’s style and he would know because he’d been alive and courting women since before Harry was a twinkle in his great grandmother’s eye. It’s a great scene. If you read or listen to this one, watch for it.

The mystery itself isn’t all that mysterious, but the fantasy portions of the story are excellent. We get to meet a fairy, who acts very much like I imagine one would, demons, a wizard guardian, vampires, and more. Through it all, there’s Harry, trying to keep a roof over his head and bread on his table, while everything mechanical falls to pieces around him because of his magic. Like I said, a lot of fun.

Recommended for fans of Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid chronicles (starts with Hounded) or Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts (starts with Unholy Ghosts). Thanks for reading!


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