thestoneheartThe Nameless City graphic novels are excellent for kids aged 10 to 14. The Stone Heart like The Nameless City is well drawn with diverse characters and a plot that can be followed by young readers. It presents the difficulties of balancing cultural expectations, politics, and belonging with the natural emotions of friendship and understanding.

The kids, Kai and Rat, are from completely different social castes, but it doesn’t matter to them. If only the rest of the world didn’t live with prejudiced blinders over their eyes, then life could be sweet in the Nameless City. But, that’s not how it is.

The General of Blades wants to make a council of all of the nations within the city walls to decide and rule on all matters of importance within the Nameless City. His son, the heir apparent, wants the power that he’s been promised his entire life- to rule the city as the rightful conqueror. They can’t both have their way.

Meanwhile, rumors abound of the ancient power of the builders of the city itself. The monks may know something about it and, if in the wrong hands, this power could bring down the city that it helped to build.

Highly recommended for reluctant readers. There’s very little downtime in these pages.

A huge thank you to NetGalley and First Second Books publishing for an advance reader’s copy of this book. And, thank you for reading!


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