Scarlet the second book in The Lunar Chronicles is better than the first. The introduction of Scarlet and Wolf is a clever and breaks up the the Cinder story line. I don’t like to read reviews of books before I read/listen to them, so I had no idea that Meyer wove more than one fairy tale together. I liked that a lot.

This book, like the previous one, is still plagued by cringe-worthy teen romance scenes and angst. But, it’s easier to ignore those bits because of the crazy stuff that begins to happen with the Lunar Queen and the intense chase scenes.

Iko is by far my favorite character. Team Iko!

Recommended for ages 13+ because of some disturbing, non-graphic torture descriptions. The audiobook is pretty good and may work out well for road trips. You don’t need to have read the first book to appreciate this one because the author does a good job of outlining the backstory. Personally, I prefer to read books in a series in order, but it’s not required here to understand what’s going on.

Thanks for reading!


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