paranormal-caughtThe short blurbs accompanying the photos were intriguing, but for the most part the photos themselves appeared to be either fancy light reflections or film corruptions. I was disappointed.

Page 91 of The Paranormal Caught on Film captured my feelings about the book as a whole: “I am always one to advocate keeping an open mind, but on the other hand we should be careful not to remain so open-minded that our brains fall out!”

If forced to pick favorite photos, I’d go with ‘Yogic Flying’ on page 101, which, after some investigating into the phenomena, doesn’t seem much like flying to me- more like enthusiastic rocking, which the picture doesn’t show. I’d also go with ‘The Grey Lady’ on pg 133 which is allegedly a ghost caught on film in the Reading Room of the Willard Library in Indiana. Again, the lady looks more like a light reflection, but since it took place in a library, it made my list.

I can’t really recommend this one other than to say: borrow it from your local library.

Thanks for reading!


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