thewitchesofdarkrootI am Maggie Maddock. Some call me a wilder – a woman with untamed magical powers. Others just call me a witch. -Goodreads

Minor spoilers ahead. Beware!

I enjoyed this magical tale of four sisters who are coming to terms with their mother’s aging, their own powers, and their hometown’s demise. It was a good introduction to what could be an interesting series.

I wish there could have been more “magic in action” sequences in this book. My favorite parts were the house exorcism and Maggie’s brief vision journey with her aunt. The day to day action was interesting in a soap opera kind of way, but I inhaled the magic/fantastical scenes.

The character interactions were believable except the part where the sisters were fighting over the same guy. Coming from a family of four sisters myself, there are unwritten codes to dating and men. There are over a billion men in the world, but you only will ever have the same sisters. If the sister wants the guy, you bow out. Period. Yes, sibling rivalry does exist, but fight over the same guy? I think not.

Also, one other complaint, the fourth sister was introduced in almost the last chapter. I know the author will probably put her in the next books in the series, but I wanted more Ruth Anne!

I would recommend this novel to people who enjoyed reading The Witch’s Daughter.

I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Read program. Thanks for reading!


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