houseofspiritsAnnie Wilder is a very sensitive person. Almost from the moment she moves into her house, strange things start to happen. More than just creaking doors, Annie experiences full blown apparitions, strange noises in her furnace pipes, and has out-of-body encounters with turn of the century woman in period clothing. Far from being freaked out by it all, though she is at times, Annie learns how to live with the spirits and takes pride in her haunted house.

From a young age, Annie accepted her other worldly perceptions saying: “.. a strong intuitive ability runs in my family. My mom can see and hear spirits, and both her mother and mother’s mother, who were Irish, was psychic, too.” pg 3. It seems to me that if you grow up with these sorts of things happening around you, it isn’t too hard to carry them on into your adult life.

Not that things go entirely smoothly. When Annie realizes that something completely out of the ordinary is going on in her new digs, she freaks out a little bit.: “I needed to regain some sense of perspective and power. A weird dichotomy was developing in my relationship with my house. I loved my house in the daytime but felt terrified and powerless in it at night.” pg 27

Ghosts are a large part of her experience, but not the whole enchilada. “The house seemed super conducive to astral activity; besides seeing and hearing spirits, I started seeing lights.” pg 53. Lest you think that Annie is having a break with reality, some of her relatives stay in the house and see the same thing when she’s not even there. I wonder if she’s ever considered running a bed and breakfast.

She also has a scientifically-minded boyfriend who has strange things happen to him too: “It also meant a lot to me that Rex, with his objective, left-brain way of perceiving the world, was seeing and hearing some of the same extraordinary things that I was, and couldn’t explain them with regular science. He brought up the bumblebee as an example of something that defies the known laws of physics. Because of the size and mass of their bodies compared to the size of their wings, bumblebees should not be able to fly. But they do.” pgs 99-100. I didn’t know that.

Recommended for people who are interested in paranormal experiences, ghosts, and other unexplained phenomena, Annie Wilder introduces you to her house of spirits and whispers and it never gets too out of hand or scary. Some further recommended reading: True Tales of Ghostly Encounters or Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah.

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