spectrum12Weird, wild and wonderful. This is a collection of the best in science fiction and fantasy art from 2004. From giant robots in apocalyptic landscapes to hooded figures seated on thrones of skulls, to a normal looking boy encountering a monster in the forest and an ice skating rabbit watching pixies fly away with treasures- the art is beyond description in most cases.

My favorites were the pages in which Dave DeVries took a child’s drawing and brought it to life through his mastery. See “Old Scratch and the Fish,” by Dave DeVries and Kimberly (age 7) on pg 119 or “Big Fat Footie,” by Dave Devries and Chelsea (age 7) on page 158. It makes me want to take some of my child’s drawings and hire an artist to do the same.

There is fear and love in these pages, beauty and grotesqueness. Some of the images are scary, others are compellingly beautiful.

I loved trying to find the reason for the title of each piece. Some weren’t readily apparent. For example, I thought at first that “The Trophy” by Charles Keegan on page 178 was referring to the beautiful naked woman in the light but then I looked closer and discovered… a surprise 🙂 No spoilers. Go find out for yourself.

Because of the nudity and disturbing nature of some of these images, parental discretion is advised. Personally, I think that this collection would be acceptable for +18, maybe as young as 16 if the teen is mature.

Thanks for reading!


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