nine tenthsNine Tenths: The Slider is a gorgeous graphic novel that introduces a world of archetypes and fantasy, where some of the forces that underlie nature have become unbalanced.

The panels are done primarily in greys, blues, and red. The overall effect is ethereal and dreamlike. I loved the artwork in this, especially the scenes of Lundon, the city of the dead and the gods in the introduction.

The characters are drawn beautifully as well. My favorites are the Dreads, hell hound creatures with elongated teeth, that sever the threads of life within souls. Excellent and very creepy.

Because this graphic novel is the first in a series, I felt like I didn’t get to enjoy all that much of the story before it was over. But, that’s nothing new. I seem to feel that way at the start of every series.

The world and main characters get their introductions then there isn’t time for much else. And this literally starts at the beginning of existence: “At the very beginning of time, long before there was an Earth or people to live upon it, there was only chaos… from chaos came life, and by consequence, death. Two natural forces through which all could be observed.” pgs 1-2

I’m always on the look out for age appropriate graphic novels for reluctant readers. Nine Tenths: The Slider has some violence in it so it may most appropriate for the 12-18 year old set.

The mythological setup and scope of the story are truly epic. It’s a shame that there haven’t been future entries in this series. Anyone who appreciates the intrinsic beauty of graphic novels will certainly find much to enjoy in this.

I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads.

Thanks for reading!


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