About Me

Welcome to the Help Desk Book blog.

I’m a former public librarian, now an editorial assistant and I read a lot.

What do I like to read? Non-fiction, memoirs, some science fiction, fantasy and metaphysical titles are my favorites but I will give just about anything a try.

I am very active on Goodreads.  All of the reviews that I post on The Help Desk, I also post on there.

Connect with me: The Help Desk on Goodreads  Friend requests are always welcome.

I review many titles for NetGalley and enjoy that site as it allows access to books before they’re published. It’s a reader’s dream.

Also, I created a Pinterest board called The Librarian’s List which has over 1100 contributing libraries and +32,000 followers. If I love what I read, I share it on there with thousands of other library professionals and avid library users. Here’s the link: The Librarian’s List

About the name of the blog: I call myself ‘the hippie reader’ because I have a consuming interest in meditation, new age materials, and tarot cards.

That’s me:  voracious reader and advocate for public libraries.

I am pleased to meet you and thanks for reading.